Tom Balderston Life Lessons Learned History, Experience, the Word of God.
  • An ancient book discovered in the desert of Syria could unravel a 1,400 year long mystery and change thinking in the Muslim world forever.

    This is the story of existence. Time and space are formed by a supernatural engineer yielding a profound look at the nature of the universe from its beginning to its end.

    The Truth Shows the Way: Philosophers, Scientists and Atheists Struggle with Finding God

    An account of author Thomas Balderston's struggle with faith and his attempt to alert readers to the world and the opportunities the Triune God has made possible.


    This site is an introduction to Tom's arena for understanding faith, religion, ideology, joy and hope. He is a writer, lecturer and blogger. The world needs a forum to discuss topics sensitive to the politicians that have a penchant to color America, and Europe, the West, rosy. But the ruby coloring only distorts the truth. A clear glass and an open window is needed to see the contents, smell the odors and feel the wind of opportunity, change, and concern.

    The Blog on topics related to Islam have more than once been referred to as Islamophobic, but how else would a question about Islam, an attempt to raise concerns, learn from history and view current events that involve a theocratic ideology not be under the microscope by one who loves freedom. In the Middle East their are few voices that cry out Islamophobia expressing concerns, claiming Christian-o-phobia, or Israel-o-phobia, Hindu-o-phobia, Buddhist-o-phobia or simply xenophobia, yet this non-voluntary cultural religion points to infidels and heretics with enmity, hatred along with a fighting war-oriented nature. The Scripture of Allah, the Quran, demands it. The grip on the minds, especially the fanatic Muslims, threatens their necks with tragic consequences.

    A Journey with the Lord is not always easy. I prefer the humility of the Christian and the history of the Jew. It is presented as a tapestry of architecture, forecasts, moral and ethical standards, living art, and a divine presence in the lives of billions. It is a basis for families to raise and teach their children to be proper citizens who voluntarily obey the laws. They see the common good as the floor upon which laws are promulgated. Christ was never a proponent of fighting or declaring war on those who do not follow. He was not out for the prize of treasure or conversion or taking the lives of those who resist his programs. He just wanted to be able to preach, proselytize and share with others God's love, his gift and have them volunteer for his saving grace. To love one's neighbor is to be open-minded, yet such a heart for God is not permitted in the heart of a devout Muslim who carries the Quran close to their bosom.

    Muslims who by choice, often to avoid the abuses and oppression of their homeland, to live in the free world must adopt the practices and the laws, the Constitution, and as an immigrant be happy to comply by learning the history, culture, and attitudes of their new home. They must fully adopt their new location as well as support, as a nationalist and patriot, its foundations. Be a Brit. Be an American. Be French. Be European. Be Canadian. Be Dutch, Hungarian, Austrian or German. Or return to the home of your birth. I encourage the politicians of the West to insist that as the new Host Country the immigrants, which they need, must be reborn in the womb of their new mother.

    Much of this is what I write about. My testimony in Wake Up! Wake Up! may help your faith walk. Looking at the thinking of those of the Enlightenment and others that lifted the shackles from the ankles placed there by the early church led to an expansion of Christianity as well in time to factors leading to a downward trend. The public square for Christians and Jews has come under attack. But to survive a defense, not militarily, an awakening is needed. The Proven God will lead you to understand the Judeo-Christian foundations of the West, embrace creation, and see God from the lens of scientist as well as philosopher. My first novel, The Damascus Quran, is set on a stage engaging Christians and Muslims, present and historically, in framing how cultures are laid. Then we have The Wonder of Terra, a story of our existence, allegorically speaking. There is more than one meal that is offered to wet your appetite.


  • "There is nothing more compelling than the authentic voice of a layman who has been so deeply touched by Jesus Christ that his entire understanding of his faith, of his life, of the world, has been transformed...Tom's pages ring with that vitality."

    Pastor Emeritus, Neely Towe, Stanwich Congregational Church, Greenwich, CT.

  • "Thank you Lord for lay leadership... Tom shares the mile-markers of a layman's journey with God... Read and enjoy this man's story of how God has touched his heart for all of eternity."

    Teaching/Connecting Pastor, Dan Bosko, Crossroads Church of Aspen, Aspen, CO.