The Proven God - Book Summary

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Philosophers, scientists and Atheists have a tendency towards a “NoGod” nature.  However, Divine Law cannot be excluded from analysis. God and the Bible may have played more of a role in the education and development of the minds of major Thinkers than many think.  This book suggests the Big Bang Theory and the discovery and improbability of DNA occurring by chance (the Darwinian way) are re-awakening the acceptance of the influence of the Divine, viewed as Truth, on everything.  God is Real.  Eyes are open and more are opening to the fallacy of knowing our reality without God.  The cause for all we enjoy provides our enlightenment.  Persons having converted from being an atheist/non-believer to Christianity are noted.  Knowing Love and Hope, its ready availability, is to know the supernatural and living without either is difficult to imagine and unnecessary.  The book concludes with how to live with doubt, an issue that is pervasive for the believer and the non-believer, the God and the NoGod persons. Through our own doubts we experience our existence and understand our purpose.  Denial of God reigns supreme too often for the wrong reasons.  World culture is being influenced from the “NoGod” segment of the population and this needs understanding.  Knowing there is a Risen Lord will cause change for the good of all mankind.   Hundreds of references provide foundation and support for the contents.  Allow this read to awaken you to a new enlightenment and age of reason, a clarification and understanding of modern thinking, and the attributes of the Divine.

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Islam and Freedom - Victory over Christianity


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"Those chosen were not perfect people but used by God for his purpose.  And being so used, they understood, as we can today, the power of the Lord.  No matter what we do, we cannot be perfect in the eyes of the Lord, but we are being used.  To be chosen by God means that God plans to reveal something about himself and his love through your life.  I do pray I am doing what God wants me to do."  (pg. 63)

Psalm 119:30

"I have chosen the way of truth; I have set my heart on your laws."

Fall/Winter Schedule

My plans from October through December are to visit various locations, present to groups, conduct book signings and meet with those interested in my work.  It will be a new opportunity for me, something I have never done before.  I seek whatever support, guidance, assurances, and prayers possible to guide me through.

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"Thank you Lord for lay leadership...In Wake Up, Wake Up, Tom shares intimately the mile-markers of a laymen’s journey with God...Read on and enjoy this man’s story of how God has touched his heart for all of eternity.”

Dan Bosko
Teaching/Connecting Pastor
Crossroads Church of Aspen

"There is nothing more compelling than the authentic voice of a layman who has been so deeply touched by Jesus Christ that his entire understanding of his faith, of his life, of the world, has been transformed...Tom's pages ring with that vitality!"

Rev. Neely Towe
Pastor Emeritus

Stanwich Congregational Church
Greenwich, Connecticut